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If you want your lawn or landscaped areas looking lush and healthy, it is important to have it fertilized often. We at Manenti fertilize four times per contracted season during Spring, early Summer, late Summer, and Fall with a high quality commercial fertilizer that is formulated specifically for Fort Collins Colorado soils.

Each of the four scheduled applications are tailored specifically to the time and season in which they are performed in order to optimize the growth of all landscaped areas. We apply 20-5-10 25% ppscu during the spring and fall applications and 24-5-11 50% ppscu, along with iron, during both summer applications. Our fall fertilizer is a specialized winterizer in preparation for harsh Fort Collins winters.

If you have never used fertilizer, the numbers above might be a little confusing. Those three numbers represent the amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium respectively that our specialized fertilizer contains. These three elements together make what every lawn across the country requires to survive. Nitrogen boosts stem, blade, and leaf growth, and improves plant health by giving it extra support against the elements. This is the element that changes your grass from a sickly yellow green to a vibrant jade. The phosphorous is required to better nurture early plant development and plant maturity, hastening its growth and solidifying its health. Potassium bulks up each grass blade, providing needed support and resistance to diseases just as a vitamin to a child.

The percentages used indicate the speed at which the fertilizer is released per application. If released too quickly, the nitrogen base will hasten blade growth without giving ample time for strong roots to develop. A slower release ensures that the nitrogen will be evenly distributed, significantly decreasing the risk of burning the grass and reducing the possibility of robbing the grass of its much needed nutrients. Slow release is also much safer for the environment, as the fertilizer has less of a chance to be washed out of yards and into groundwater by heavy rains or overwatering.

Keep your yard healthy with regular lawn fertilization and weed control. Take advantage of our Fall fertilization as well as our Fall yard cleanup to have your lawn looking great all winter long and ready for new spring landscaping projects.

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