Lawn Dethatching and Power Raking Fort Collins

Loveland • Windsor • Greeley • Johnstown

Lawn dethatching is another excellent way to allow more water, oxygen, and valuable nutrients into your prize winning Fort Collins lawn. For those who are unsure, thatch is composed of the dead grass and other debris from the winter and rain storms that settles between grass blades and mattes together, creating a thin sheet over the ground, preventing water, oxygen and other nutrients from penetrating the roots of the grass if it is left alone. Dethatching is the process of scooping the thatch out of your lawn
to allow it to breathe and gather nutrients.

Manenti Lawn and Sprinkler offers power raking in Fort Collins, a similar process to dethatching. Power raking is slightly less invasive than basic dethatching, designed to sweep the thatch from the lawn rather than tear up the expensive landscape. The machine used is slightly larger than a lawnmower and is equipped with roto-tiller type blades that are elevated enough to graze the thatch, whipping up the thatch to the top of the lawn. A bit of raking afterwards and your lawn will be rewarding you for its added oxygen supply.


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