Lawn Service Fort Collins

Loveland • Windsor • Greeley • Johnstown

Manenti Lawn and Sprinkler provides weekly lawn service Fort Collins to keep your investments looking as amazing as the day they were landscaped. These services include mowing, trimming of turf grass areas, and bed care.

String trimming is done around turf area borders and any other obstacles for a perfect manicure at the edge of each sidewalk and driveway. Hard surfaces are then swept of any stray grass clippings and other lawn service related debris to keep the property looking professional throughout the season.

Each landscaped area on the property, such as mulched areas and planting beds, are consistently checked and cleared of weeds, trash, and stray leaves that may pose harm to the foliage and be undesirable to the eye.

The property will also be inspected weekly for any tell-tale signs of a broken irrigation system. Unusually dry or wet spots in the turf, leaks, and washed out areas are just a few of the typical signs of faulty sprinklers.

Weekly lawn service is offered throughout the season in Johnstown, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor and Fort Collins. If you are in need of lawn service Fort Collins, contact us today!

Once the season is over we also offer Fall back yard clean up to remove all the leaves and other debris so your yard is clean and ready for spring landscaping projects.

Need weekly lawn service in Fort Collins? Looking to get a jump on the fall cleanup? Contact Manenti Lawn & Sprinkler today or schedule an appointment with our online form.

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