Overseeding and Turf Renovation Fort Collins

Loveland • Windsor • Greeley • Johnstown

If your lawns are beginning to look as thin as your hair, it may be time to start seeding your turf. Overseeding is the process in which more grass seed is spread throughout your thinning turf and watered often to thicken your grassy areas. This is important not only to keep your manicured lawn looking fresh, but also to keep mud and dirt in your yard to a minimum, which will keep your property clean inside and out.

Not only do we execute the overseeding process, we also offer complete turf renovation if landscaped areas are patched with yellow and are utterly damaged. Living in Colorado, it is always a possibility that grass and beds could suffer from drought or even from too much water, depending on the area. This problem gives way to a large population of weeds in your turf, stealing space and water from your grass. This is why renovating is important to the desirability and survival of any lawn. The
process requires an overseeding of any yellowing turf and dead spots, ensuring that healthy grass will grow and prevent any unsightly weeds. This also serves to help level the turf, preventing the formation of any sink holes from rough Fort Collins rains.

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